Picking the Perfect Diamond

Each diamond is like a snowflake; no two are alike. At Little’s Jewelers we take pride in everything we sell and therefore spend a lot of time making sure our customers are provided with the best possible product. How do we do this?

  1. At Little’s Jewelers Mr. Little himself handpicks the diamonds we have for sale. While sorting through the parcels of diamonds, as a gemologist, he is able to select the highest grades with the best-cut possible. (Photo of Carroll sorting diamonds)
  2. During this process Mr. Little focuses on the cut of the diamond. This is important, because the brilliance of the diamond comes from the cut. When a diamond is ideally cut it lets in the optimal amount of light for the most amount of brilliance.
  3. Material is the second thing in mind while sorting through these precious stones. Bad material can lead to poor polish.

Diamond Parcel