Size, Price, Care & Value


There are a number of little tricks to get the ring size of your loved one, but at Little’s Jewelers accuracy is of most importance. We suggest that you bring her into the store and let us size her finger personally.


There are a number of factors that contribute to the price of a piece of jewelry. At Little’s, we suggest that you determine the most important factors to your loved one and we can specialize your piece from there.

These factors include:

  • Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat weight
  • Diamond Shape
  • Setting Style
  • Metal
  • Certification

Once we’ve determined the most important factors we can then provide you with a showing that provides you with your best fits.


At Little’s Jewelers we pride ourselves in excellent service and care. We recommend that you have your ring checked and cleaned professionally every six months.

This is a complementary service that is provided to anyone regardless if you made your jewelry purchase with us or not. Value is clearly a combination of all of the above features. Little’s Jewelers, established in 1947 has become the leading jeweler in our area and beyond in hand crafting jewelry and selecting the best diamonds and gem stones for our customers.